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Further Information


There are a number of excellent books about ganseys and gansey knitting.  Some are now out of print, but your local library should be able to get them for you.  Those listed below should give you a good start.

Brown-Reinsel, Beth: Knitting Ganseys, Interweave Press, 1993, 9780934026857

Compton, Rae: Traditional Guernsey and Jersey Knitting, Batsford, 1985, 0713441259

Domnick, Sabine: Cables, Diamonds and Herringbones, Down East, 2007, 9780892726882

Munro, Henrietta & Compton, Rae: They lived by the sea: Folklore and Ganseys of the Pentland Firth, The Northern Times Ltd, 1983, 0950686034

Pearson: Traditional knitting of the British Isles: Fisher-gansey patterns of Scotland and the Scottish fleet, Esteem Press, 1980, 9780906658055

Thompson, Gladys: Patterns for Guernseys, Jerseys and Arans, Dover, 1979, 0486227030

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Many museums in coastal towns around the UK have ganseys in their collection as well as information about fishing and fishermen.  The Fisheries Museum at Anstruther for example has an extensive collection of ganseys, and is open all year.  Some of the smaller museums, including many around the Moray Firth, close during the winter months, but it may still be worth making enquiries by post or e-mail, as staff could be working even though the museum is not open to the public.