© Moray Firth Gansey Project June 2018

This project was part-financed by the Heritage Lottery Fund, and by the Scottish Government and The European Community Rural Aberdeenshire, Highland and Moray LEADER 2007 – 2013 Programmes.

Ganseyfest Programme


10.00-10.50 Intro and keynote:
Moray Firth Gansey Project


11.10-11.50 Talk : Di Gilpin: Adding knit to contemporary fashion

11.50-12.30 Talk;
Penelope Hemingway: River ganseys

12.30-13.10 Talk: George Bethune: From the land to the sea and beyond; one family's 150 year sojorn in The Fishings


14.15-14.55 Talk: Dr Malcolm Smith: Gansey patterns and cultural evolution

14.55-15.30 Talk: Anne Coombs: Herring girls


15.45-16.25 Talk: Louise Tait: Gansey designs in glass “following a pattern in life and death”

16.25-17.05 Talk: Dr Elizabeth Lovick: Orkney’s forgotten ganseys

Seminar Room

11.00-13.00 Workshop:

Beth Brown-Reinsel: Gansey beginnings


13.45-16.45 Workshop:

Beth Brown-Reinsel: Shoulder treatments

Lecture Theatre



Dr Elizabeth Lovick: Designing and using gansey motifs

(30 minute lunch break at 12.30)

14.55-16.45 Workshop:

Paul Dodwell: Gussets and charts

Saturday 1 October

Buffet for all speakers, workshops tutors Saturday Evening Buffet ticket holders, All-inclusive weekend ticket holders and traders.

18.00-20.00 Fashion Show

Sunday 2 October


10.00-10.50 Talk: Dr Annie Shaw: Seamless old and new

10.50-11.30 Talk : Betsan Corkhill: Knitting as a therapeutic tool


11.45-12.25 Talk; Jo Murray: Presentation / Display / Window Dressing

12.25-13.05 Talk: Dr Elizabeth Lovick: Gutters’ ganseys


14.00-14.15 Talk: Grace Main: Therapy classes

14.15-14.50 Talk: Deb Gillanders: Propagansey (at the gansey stand)


15.10-16.10 Keynote and close:

Margaret Bennett: Customs and traditions, lore and language of the fishing communities

Seminar Room

10.00-13.00 Workshop:

Di Gilpin: Embellishments and finishing techniques for the professional look


14.00-15.00 Workshop:

Introduction from Hi-Arts & Workshop: Pricing your work (to be delivered by one of HI-Arts’ Makers TBC)

Lecture Theatre

09.30-12.30 Wiorkshop:

Beth Brown-Reinsel: Designing ganseys


13.30-15.00 Drop-in / surgery Beth Brown-Reinsel